Through our three youth groups, we help school-aged children connect with peers and adult leaders, and build a solid faith foundation. Plus, everyone has a lot of fun!

SoulFire (Grades 9-12)

Sunday, December 10 (6pm-8pm)
Join us for our annual Christmas Party at the Dorfler home! There will be more food than you can eat and games with prizes. We ask that everyone brings a wrapped white elephant gift valued at no more than $10 for the gift exchange. Wear your favorite Christmas attire and get ready for some fun!

Sunday, January 14 (6pm-8pm)

Join us as we discuss “Why do bad things happen to good people?” and see what the Bible really has to say about it. Games and snacks as always!

 Sunday, January 28 (6pm-8pm)

Join us for a night of life sized Hungry Hungry Hippos! Crazy amounts of fun are guaranteed to be had. We’ll review all of our Bible study questions that we’ve talked about so far this year and see if there are any questions that youth would like to have answered before the end of the school year. No questions are off limits when it comes to the Bible and our faith!

Youth currently in grades 7-12 and their parents are invited to join us for a meeting in the high school youth room as we discuss the following summer opportunities:

Ropes Retreat
July 19-21, 2024
(open to those currently in grades 8-12)

LCMS Youth Gathering
July 19-23, 2025
(open to those currently in grades 7-11)

An email recap will be sent to all youth families following the meeting for those who are unable to make it. Contact DCE Jan with any questions.

CrossFire (Grades 6-8)

Sunday, January 7 (6pm-8pm)

Swimming in January? Sure thing! Join us for an indoor pool party at Mielcarek home (located in Sun Prairie) and have fun while it’s cold outside!

Sunday, January 21 (6pm-8pm)

Join us as we discuss “Why do bad things happen to good people?” and see what the Bible really has to say about it. Games and snacks as always!

Friday, February 9 (6pm-12am)

Join Mark your calendars now for our annual half lock-in hosted by Concordia Wisconsin students! More details to come!

Sparks (Grades 4-5)

Sunday, December 10 (12pm-1:30pm)

Join us for some Christmas fun as we decorate cookies to eat, make a craft for our shut-ins and play some games. There will also be a race between DCE Jan and Mr. Jacob, but as far as what the obstacle course looks like & what the leaders look like while they race…that’s up to the youth to decide! You won’t want to miss it!

Sunday, January 14 (12pm-1:30pm)

Join us we begin the new year with a interesting story in the Bible – King Saul committing the crime of necromancy! Games galore and snacks will abound…come start off 2024 by having some fun!

Grades 9-12 meet about twice a month. We spend our time in high-energy fellowship and strive to provide a come-as-you-are, safe and welcoming atmosphere where students can gather with fellow Christians, have fun and be nourished in their walk with Christ. We are fully aware that it is difficult to be faithful as a young adult in our culture today, so we work to equip and encourage our students. Our goal in whatever we do — service projects, Bible studies, fellowship events, hanging out — is to relish in our God-given gift of faith and grow together in Christ.

Grades 6-8 This youth group meets twice a month throughout the school year for fun, fellowship and community service activities.

Grades 4 & 5 The earlier young people develop friendships within the church, the more likely they are to stay committed and grow in their faith. That’s the philosophy behind Sparks, our 4th and 5th grade youth group, which meets regularly for fun and fellowship during the school year. We typically meet once a month for a fellowship activity or service project, and a devotional. It is so important to connect students early with the Christian Gospel and a community of fellow believers.