Bible Classes

Sunday Morning Large Group Bible Study
January 7—28, 2024

Why should God’s people read and study 1 Peter today?
When reading 1 Peter, you will find timeless wisdom that addresses universal themes. Its message of enduring through trials and finding hope in difficult times resonates with people still today.
The epistle emphasizes our identity and “exiles” or “strangers” truly speak to the difficulties of dealing with the challenges Christians face in a world that is often hostile to Christianity and her Lord. Peter urges his readers to live out an authentic faith boldly.
Studying 1 Peter helps believers to deepen their understanding of Christian values and principles, empowering them to apply these teachings practically in their lives, relationships, and interactions with a diverse and often challenging global society.

January 7 
Identity and Hope in Christ / 
Living Stones and a Holy Nation
January 14  
Submission to Authority
and Christian Conduct
January 21  
Suffering for Doing Good
January 28  
Shepherd the Flock of God

Sneak Peek Bible Study & Social

We’re getting familiar with the Scriptures for the upcoming Sunday! Our pastors will lead a discussion where we dissect the common themes throughout the readings and look for the personal “sweet spot” that encourages and challenges us. Each Monday we will wrestle with the Scripture together for an hour, from 9:00am to 10:00am in the fellowship hall, and after that all are encouraged to hang around for a time of fellowship. This “social time” after the time together in the Word is also so beneficial. God created us for relationships and this time with coffee and friends is awesome!

Thursday Morning Bible Study
Begins January 11
9:30am – 10:30am

The Chosen is back! Pastor Rod and Pastor Ben invite you to join our Bible Study using The Chosen Season 3. This season, we will see dramatic reenactments of the Sermon on the Mount, the raising of Jarius’s daughter, the sending of the Twelve, great healings, the feeding of the five thousand, and a surprising finale! But this season also sees things get more difficult for Jesus and his disciples, as they experience persecution, rejection, and pain. In this study, you can expect to watch (most) scenes from The Chosen Season 3, to discuss them as a group, to hear the pastor’s historical, theological, and personal perspectives, and dive into the Scripture which serves as the basis for our faith and for the show. Join us at 9:30am Thursday mornings!

Friday Morning
Men’s Bible Study
The Book of Ezekiel
Begins January 5 at 6am

The study will explore how the life and writings of Ezekiel still resonate today, thousands of years after the times of this Old Testament prophet. Ezekiel found himself feeling captive in the land of Babylon, with God behind him and at deadly odds with Nebuchadnezzar’s self-righteousness. Today’s challenges in faith are—surprisingly—no different. If you would like to hang out with a group of guys over coffee to learn more about the adventure and challenges Ezekiel faced, then we hope you will join us at 6am on
Fridays. Led by Brian Hackman. Contact the church office to be placed on our email list.  Come join us!