Our choir director is Mallory Lakatos. Choir practices are held on Wednesdays from 7pm to 8pm in the choir room, from September through May.

Can’t make the practice? No worries! We understand life and schedules prevent people from being able to attend every practice or sing at every service, and that’s okay. We’ll gladly take volunteers to practice and sing whenever they can, and praise the Lord in song!

Too Busy, But Want to Sing?

Have a busy schedule and can’t commit to choir? Then consider periodically singing a solo, or as part of a duet or quartet; OR consider being part of our special festival choirs – for Christmas Eve and Easter.

Want to play your instrument for services?

We’re always looking for more individuals willing to share their gift of playing an instrument! We’re very flexible when it comes to how often one may want to play, or small groups vs. soloists. We have something for everyone! Whether you are in high school and looking to get more practice playing to an audience, OR if you’re older and want to dust off your instrument, we’d love to get you involved! Just contact us. Examples of how to get involved:

Piano players: Play a solo or duet during communion or offertory. Accompany instrumental or vocal soloists or groups.

Brass: We regularly have brass play for festival Sundays and are always looking for more. Also could play solos, small quartet or quintet, or even duets.

Wind and stringed instruments: Play a solo or play with small group. ALSO a lot of choir pieces call for flute, violin, or cello – would love to have people willing to play instrument with choir.

Please contact us to learn more about becoming part of our choir.