Bethlehem Lutheran Church Sun Prairie, WI

Special Worship Services

Lent 2019—Jesus on Trial

Lent begins with Ash Wednesday on March 6, 2019.  Our theme takes us to a courtroom scene with the trial of Jesus. Each week beginning March 13, a new witness will be brought forward and we will hear his testimony in the trial of Jesus. You will hear the testimony and be asked to come to a decision regarding who Jesus is—the true Son of God or an imposter. If you see that Jesus is the Son of God, that will result in a change of behavior as His followers. Come and join us for the trial of Jesus. Each week Pastor Steve will serve as the Defense Attorney and Pastor Charlie will serve as the Prosecuting Attorney. A cross with six flags will be given to families of our congregation. The flags will list the names and faces of the people brought forth as the witnesses. Come and hear the testimonies of Barabbas, John (Jesus’ disciple), King Herod, James (Jesus’ brother), and Pontius Pilate.

Lenten Services
Wednesdays, March 20-April 10

5:15pm—6:00pm Dinner
6:30pm Worship Service

Come Early for Dinner! Each Wednesday during Lent a meal will be served from 5:15pm to 6:00pm.  All freewill donations will provide support to those who prepare and serve the meals as they plan to attend the 2019 LCMS National Youth Gathering in Minneapolis, MN. Come and let our families do the cooking for you while you enjoy conversation around the table with old and new friends. Thank you for your support!

Holy Week Schedule

Palm Sunday
Sunday, April 14

8:00am Traditional Worship
10:30am Traditional Worship
10:45am Contemporary Worship with communion 

Maundy Thursday
Thursday, April 18

6:30pm Worship Service with communion

Good Friday
Friday, April 19

6:30pm Worship Service

Sunday, April 21

8:00am Traditional Worship with communion
8:30am—10:30am Easter Breakfast
9:15am Contemporary Worship
10:30am Traditional Worship with communion

Join us for the Easter Breakfast!  We’re serving a delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs, pancakes, fresh fruit, sausage, bologna, hard-boiled eggs and sweet treats! Come Easter Sunday anytime between 8:30am and 10:30am. Easter Breakfast labor is provided by the families of those attending the 2019 National Youth Gathering. They will be working in the kitchen and serving you throughout the morning.  All freewill offerings will support these families attending the National Youth Gathering.  Thank you for your support!