This is the day the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24

10/15/2017 "Slavery or Freedom" Pastor Steve Vera
10/8/2017 "Free to Be the Reformation" Pastor Jonah Burakowski
10/01/2017 "A Lasting Difference" Pastor Steve Vera

09/24/2017 "Not Fair-But Gracious!"
09/17/2017 "Thank God for Grace" Pastor Steve Vera
09/10/2017 "Life Lessons" Pastor Steve Vera

08/27/2017 "Good Looking Body Parts"  Pastor Steve Vera
08/20/2017 "Miracles - FNF 'Faith'" Pastor Charlie Brandt
08/13/2017  no video recording
08/06/2017 "Miracles - FNF" Pastor Charlie Brandt

07/30/2017 "Twisted: Root of All Evil"  Pastor Steve Vera
07/23/2017  Twisted: Prosper Pastor Steve Vera
07/16/2017  no video recording
07/09/2017 "Twisted: Ask Anything" Pastor Steve Vera
07/02/2017  no video recording

06/25/2017 "Sparrows!" Pastor Charlie Brandt
06/18/2017 "No More Excuses!" Pastor Steve Vera
06/11/2017 "Seeing the Future!" Pastor Charlie Brandt
06/04/2017 "We Didn't Start the Fire" Pastor Steve Vera

05/28/2017 "Everything's Changing!" Pastor Charlie Brandt  
05/21/2017 "Slaying Giants" Pastor Steve Vera
05/14/2017  "Your Sincere Faith" Pastor Steve Vera
05/07/2017 "Need a Shepherd?"  Pastor Charlie Brandt

04/30/2017 "How Foolish Are You?"  Pastor Steve Vera
04/23/2017 Video recording not available due to error on DVD
04/16/2017 "Silly Rabbit..."  Pastor Steve Vera
04/09/2017 No video recording
04/02/2017 "A Funeral Sermon"  Pastor Steve Vera

03/26/2017 "Seeing?"  Pastor Charlie Brandt
03/19/2017 "Tell Your Story"  Pastor Steve Vera
03/12/2017 "Indestructible???" Pastor Charlie Brandt
03/05/2017 Video recording not available due to error on DVD

02/26/2017 "Glory!" Pastor Charlie Brandt
02/19/2017 "The Right Foundation!" Pastor Charlie Brandt
02/12/2017 "Grow Up!" Pastor Steve Vera
02/05/2017 "I Know Nothing" Pastor Steve Vera 

01/29/2017 "The Key!" Pastor Charlie Brandt
01/22/2017 "In God's Hands"  Pastor Steve Vera
01/15/2017 "The Lamb of God" Pastor Charlie Brandt
01/08/2017 "A Couple of Misfits"  Pastor Steve Vera

Schedule of Worship

     8:00 am - Traditional Worship
     9:15 am - Sunday School/Bible Class
   10:30 am - Traditional Worship
   10:45 am - Contemporary Worship

    6:30 pm - Worship Service

Office Hours
8:00 am - 3:00 pm, Monday - Friday 
    9:00 am - 12:00 pm, Saturdays

Cross Lutheran, Mission Congregation
Worships Sundays
    9:00 am - Worship in Bishops Bay
   10:15 am - Christian Growth