Bethlehem Lutheran Church Sun Prairie, WI

Sunday School

Let’s have fun
learning about Jesus!

Virtual Sunday School

Virtual Sunday School utilizing our new curriculum, Enduring Faith, has begun! Two pre-recorded videos, one for younger and one for older kids, will be posted here each week . View them at a time that works for your family. We strongly recommended that you make this time consistent week after week to maintain a routine throughout this uncertain time. Here are the links:

Lesson 1 – Creation

Lesson 2 – The Fall

Lesson 3 – Noah & The Flood

Lesson 4 – Abram

Lesson 5 – Joseph

Lesson 6 – Moses

Lesson 7 – Exodus

Lesson 8 – Ten Commandments

Lesson 9 – David

Thanksgiving Devotions

Lesson 10 – The Birth of Jesus

Lesson 11 – Wise Men

Lesson 12 – Jesus’ Baptism & Temptation

Lesson 13 – Jesus Calls the Disciples

Lesson 14 – A Wedding at Cana

Lesson 15 – Jesus Preaches on the Mount

Lesson 16 – Jesus Calms a Storm

Lesson 17 – Jesus Feeds the 5000

Lesson 18 – Jesus Heals a Deaf Man

Lesson 19 – The Lord’s Prayer

Sunday School Offering

Our Sunday school offering for the 2020-2021 school year is designated for the Sunshine Place Food Pantry. Sunday School envelopes will be available at the Visitors Centers. Place your donation in the offering plate during the worship service. Thank you!

New to Sunday School?

Sunday School is offered for children who turn 3 by September 1st through high school. Several different bible stories and topics will be looked at throughout the year that show the struggles of life due to sin, but also the beautiful story of forgiveness through Jesus dying on the cross for us! Your child will also build relationships with their peers in the classroom and gain a sense of community with children their own age. Offering will also be collected weekly to support an organization either locally or abroad. We thank our Sunday School teachers who are a vital part of making Sunday School happen!